Download Central Teacher’s Eligibility Test 2013

By | February 1, 2019

Download Solved Exam Paper CTET 2013

This exam. paper held on 28 July 2013. In this exam. paper total 150 questions asked which 150 in marks.This exam. paper divided into four parts. Part-1 Child Development and Pedagogy.Part-2 Mathematics and Science, Part-3 English (Language I), Part-4 Hindi (Language II)

Download CTET (Central Teacher’s Eligibility Test)


Ques:- Which one of the following is a critique of theory  of multiple intelligences?

Ans:- Multiple  intelligence are only the ‘talents’ present in intelligence as a whole

Ques:- Which one of the foolowing pair is least likely to be a coorect match?

Ans:- Language is a stimuli in enviornment B F  Skinner

Ques:-Features assigned due to social roles and ogical endowment are called

Ans:- gender role stereotype

Ques:-Which of the following will be most appropirate to maximise learning?

Ans:- Teacher should identify her cognitive style as well as of her students’ cognitive style

Ques:- All of the following promote assessment as learning expect

Ans:- testing students as frequently  as possible

Ques:- When a cook taste a food during cooking it may be akin to

Ans:- assessment of learning

Ques:- Differentiated instruction is

Ans:- Using a varity of groupings to meet student needs

Ques:- In a culturally and linguistically diverse classroom, beforre deciding whether a student comes, special education category, a teacher should

Ans:- evaluate student on her/his mother language to estabalish disability

Ques:-Learning disabilities may occur due to all of the following expect

Ans:- Teacher way of teaching

Ques:- An inclusive school reflects on all the following question expect

Ans:- do we properly segregate special children from normal to provide better care   

Ques:- Gifted students are

Ans:- divergent thinkers

Ques:- Which one of the following pair would be most appropirate choice to complete the  following sentence? Children…. faster when they are involvled in the activities that seem to be….  

   Ans:- Learn: useful in real life

Ques:- CBSE prescribed group activities for students  in place of activities for individual students. The idea behind doing so could be

Ans:- To rationalise the time aviable with schools  most of which do not have enough time for individual activities

Ques:- The conclusion ‘Children can learn violent behaviour depicted in movies’may be derived on the basis of the work done by which of the following pyschologist?

Ans:- Albert Bandura

Ques:- Students observe fashion show and try to imitate models. This kind of imitation may be called

Ans:- Social learning

Ques:- If students repeatedly make eerors during a lesson, a teacher should

Ans:- make changes in instruction, tasks, time-table or seating arrangements

Ques:- Following are some tecnique to manage anxity due to an approaching examination expect

Ans:- thinking to much about the result

Ques:- Bloom’s taxonomy is a hierarchial organization of……

Ans:- cognitive objective

Ques:- A,B andC are threee students studying English. ‘A’ finds its intersting and thinks it will be helpful for her future.’B’ studies English as she wants to secure first rank in the class. ‘C’ studies it as she is primarily concerned to secure passing grades. The goals of A,B and C respectively are

Ans:- mastery, performance, performance avoidance

Ques:- Even through this was clearly in violation of his safety needs, Captain Vikram Batra  died fighting in the Kargil War, while protecting his country. He might have

Ans:- Achieved self-actualisation

Ques:- Extinction of a responce is more difficult following

Ans:- partial reinforcement

Ques:- Mastery orientation can be encouraged by

Ans:- focusing on students’ individual effort

Ques:- All the following facts indicate that a child is emotionally and sociallly fit in a class expect

Ans:- concentrate persistently on competition with peers

Ques:- Which of the following statements supports role of enviornment in the develpment of a child?

Ans:- There has been  steady increase in students’ averge performance on IQ tests in last few decades

Ques:- Socialization includes cultural transmision and    

Ans:- development of individual personality

Ques:- A teacher show two identical glasses filled with an equal amount of juice in them. She empities them in two different glasses one of which is taller and the other one is wider. She asks her class to identify which glass would have more juice in it. Students reply that the taller glass has more juice. Her students have difficulity in dealing with.

Ans:- decentring

Ques:-Karnail Singh does not pay income tax despite legal procedures  and expenses. He thinks that he cannot supports a currupt government which spends millions of rupees in building unneecssary dams. He is probably in which state of Kohlberg’s stages of moral development?

Ans:- Post- conventional

Ques:- Intelligence theory incorporates the mental processess involved in intelligence (i.e., metal- components) and the varied forms that intelli-gence can take (i.e., creative intelligence)

Ans:- Sternberg’s triarchic theory of intelligence

Que: THe number of integers less than -3 but greater than -8 is

Ans:- -4

Ques:- THe distance between two places is 12 km. A map scale is 1:25000. The distance between the two places on the mao, (in cm) is

Ans:- 48

Ques:- The reciprocal of -3/8 x (-7/13) is

Ans:- 21/104

Ques:- The numbers of vertices in a polyhedron which has 30 edges and 12 faces is

Ans:- 20

Ques:- When half of a number is increased by 15, the result is 39. The sum of digits  of the original number is

Ans:- 12

Ques:- In DPQT, PT. The points R and S are on QT such that  PR= PS.IF <PTS = 62 degree and <RPS = 34DEgree, then measureof <QPRis

Ans:- 11 degree

Ques:-  If for triangle ABC and triangle DEF the correspondence CAB — EDF gives a congruenc, then which of the following is not true?

Ans:- AB +EF

Ques:- 40% of (100-20% of 300) Is equal to

Ans:- 16

Ques:- HCF of two nubers is 28 and their LCM is 336. If one number is 112, then the other number is

Ans:- 84

Ques:- If 2/3x = 0.6 and 0.02 y = 1, then the value of x+y -1 is

Ans: -0.92

Ques:-If  y =x-2/x+1,y#1, then x equals

Ans:- y+2/1-y

Ques:- ABCD is a square with AB=(x+16)cm and BC=(3x)cm. The perimeter(in cm2) is

Ans:- 96

Ques:- The mean of 10 numbers is 0. If 72 and -12 are included in these numbers, the new mean will be

Ans:- 5

Ques:-A Class VII teacher wants to discuss the following probelm in the class

   “A Square is divided into four congruent rectangles. The perimeter of each rectangle is 40 units. What is the perimeter of given square?”

  Key Mathematical  concepts required to solve this probelm is

 Ans:- area of square and rectangle, perimeter of square and rectangle and definition of square and rectangle

Ques:- Algebra is introduced in the middle classes. According to Piagets’ Theory of cognitive development, it is appropriate to introduce algebra as this stage as

Ans:- The child is at formal operational stage and is fully mature to grasp the abstract concepts

Ques:- According to Van Hiele level of Geometric thought the five levels of geometric understanding are visualization, analysis, informal deduction, formal deduction and regour. Students of class VII are asked to classify the quadrilaterals according to their properities. These students are at ….. level of Van Hiele Geometrical thought.

Ans:- analysis

Ques:-A task to assigned to the Class VIII student is as follws

     An open box is to be made out of a metallic  sheet of box 50 cm x 65 cm Length and Breadth of the box is 30 cm and 15 cm respectively.  What is the possible height of the box? Also find the volume of this box.

This task refer to

Ans:- higher level of cognitive demand as the probelm can be solved by making diagrams and connection between many possible situations

Ques:- A child of class VII defined the rectangle as follows

    “For angle is a quadrilateral whose opposite side are parallel and equal”

  The definition reflects that the child

Ans:- Konws  the properties of the shape, but repeated some properties in definition

Ques:- Folowing is a probelm from text book of class VI

 “Express the following statement through linear expression”.

 Neha has 7 more toffees than Megha. If Megha has x toffees, how many toffees does Neha have?

  Which competence of Bloom’s cognitie domain is reffered in the above question?

Ans:- Synthesis

Ques:- THe square of 9 is divided by the cube root of 125. The remainder is

Ans:- 1

Ques:- If 2/3, 23/30, 9/10, 11/15 and 4/5 are written in ascending order, then the fraction in the middle most will be

Ans:- 23/30

Ques:- Two organism are best friends and live together. One provides shelter, water and nutrients  while the order prepares and provide food. Such  an association of organisms is termed as

  Ans:- The contraction  of muscles in the wall of food pipe

Ques:- Frogs and earthworms breathe through their skin because of which the skin of both the organisms is

Ans:- moist and slimy

Ques:- You are provided with a concave mirror, a concave lens, a convex mirror and a convex lens. To obtain an enlarged image of an obect you can use either

Ans:- Concave mirror or convex lens

Ques:- Selects of the following a set of Kharif crops.

Ans:- Maize, paddy, linseed, soyabean

Ques:- When we add aluminium foil to freshlyprepared sodium hydroxide solution a gas is produced.

    Which of the following correctly states the property of this gas?

Ans:- Colourless and odourless gas which produced a ‘pop’ sound when a burning match stick is bought near it.

Ques:- Aqueous solution of which of the following oxides willchange the colour of blue litmusto red?

Ans:- Sulphur dioxide

 Ques:- Which of the following is a pair of exhaustible natural resources?

Ans:- Petroleum and water.

Ques:- Which of the following statement is true about endemic species?

Ans:- They are found exclusively in specific habitat

Ques:- Which of the following pair is related to the inheritance of characters?

Ans:- choromosomes and genes

Ques:- Out of different combination of terms given below, the correct combination of terms with reference to an animals cell is

Ans:- cell membrane, chromosome, ribosome, mitochondria

Ques:- Which of the following element must be available in water for the metamorphosis of tadpoles?

Ans:- Iodine

Ques:- Which one of the following is not the objective of teaching of Science at upper primary stage?

Ans:- Acquiring process skills

Ques:- National curriculam Framework (NCF) stongly reccommends that Science education at upper primary stage should

Ans:- follow constructivistic approch for teaching and learning of the subject

Ques:- ‘Cognitive validity’ of Science curriculam at upper primary stage required that it should

Ans: Be age appropirate and within the reach of students understanding level

Ques:- Which one of the following is not reflect the personality attribute of a person having scientific temper?

Ans:- Blased opinion

Ques:- NCERT Science text books for upper primary classes include  large number of daily life related question which have been  left unanswered. This has been done, so that

Ans:- Student can seek answer to these question by exploring different resources

Ques:- While teaching the correct methods of reading a clinal thermometer to class VIII students, Neha mentions the following necessary precautions to be taken. Which one of the following precautions has been mentioned wrongly by the teacher?

Ans:-Thermometer should be washed with hot water before and after use

Ques:- The section on ‘activities and projects’ included in the exercises of NCERT Science text books for Class VIII primarly aims at

Ans:-providing oppertunity to students for extended learning

Ques:- Major objective of organization of Science Exhibitions is to

Ans:- provide oppertunity to students to showcase their creative ideas

Ques:- Four candidates appearing in an interview for the post of Science teacher were asked to give a demostration lesson to Class VIII students on the topic ‘Pressure exerted by liquid and gases’. Following different approaches were followed by different candidates

  Which one of the following approaches willbe most effective for teaching of the topic?

Ans:-Organization of hands-on student activities followed up with discussions

Ques:- The technique of ‘classroom questioning’ in teaching of Science can be more effectively used for

Ans:- developing probelm solving skills

Ques:- Which of the following terms constitute the female part of a flower?

Ans:- Stigma, Ovary Nd style

Ques:- How many muscles work together to move a bone?

Ans:- Number is not fixed

Ques:- Choose the set that repersents only the biotic component  of a habitat.

Ans:- Insects, frogs, fish, acquatic plants

Ques:- An antonym for the word ‘harsh’ is

Ans:- mild

Ques:- A person sitting behind you in a cinema starts talking on the mobile phone and you want to tell him/her to stop. Choose how you will make the request?

Ans:- “Please don’t use the mobile phone inside the theatre”.

Ques:- Exemplar for homonym would be

Ans:- Aisle/Isle

Ques:- Whish is the lexical word?

Ans:- LOve

Ques:- While learning about the passive voice for, students learn about

Ans:- use of verb form

Ques:- Student can leave school the premises at 12:30 pm.

    Students ought toleave the school premises at 12:30 pm.

The two given statements can be differentiated by drawing students attention to the

Ans:- meaning conveyed by the modals/verb modifiers

Ques:- Which learning domains constitutes higher order thinking?

Ans:- Evaluation

Ques:- The process of word formation consists of

Ans:- compounding and affixes

Ques:- When reading to ‘decode’ means to

Ans:- to analyse and understand

Ques:- While writing ‘ellipes’is a

Ans:- semantic linker

Ques:- If a longer piece of writing is brief, complete, in the third persons, without digressions and emotional overtones and logically arranged, it is a

Ans:- report

Ques:- The politician had been making a promises long before election time. The statement is in the….. tense.

Ans:- past perfect continuous

Ques:- ‘Gender sensitization’ in the school curriculam implies

Ans:- respectful approach towards defining gender roles

Ques:- Identify where the collective form is an error.

Ans:- Shoal of fish

Ques:- An eemplar of a question to ‘funnel’ or restrict a respondent’s answer is

Ans:- “Tell me about your most recent holiday.”    N��*�

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