Central Teacher’s Eligibility Test Paper II 2012

By | August 17, 2018

Download Solved Exam. Paper CTET Maths & Science (Class VI-VIII) 2012

This paper held on 29 Jan 2012.In this paper total 150 questions asked which 150 in marks.This Exam. paper divided into four parts .

Part – 1 Child Development and Pedagogy

Part – 11 Mathematics and Science

Part – 111 English (Language 1)

Part – IV Hindi (Language 11)

Download Solved Central Teacher’s Eligibility Test Paper – II 2012

Ques:- According to theories of mativation, teacher can enhance learning by

Ans:- Setting realistic expectations from students

Ques:- Development starts from

Ans:- Pre-childhood

Ques:- Ability to recognize and classify all varieties of animals, minerals and plants, according to multiple intelligences theory, is called

Ans:- Naturalist intelligence

Ques:- The statement “Majority of the people are average, a few very bright and a few very dull” is based on the established principle of

Ans:- Distribution of intelligence

Ques:- In co-operative learning, older and more proficient students assist younger and lesser skilled students.This leads to

Ans:- Higher achievement and self-esteem

Ques:- When previous learning makes no difference at all to the learning in a new situation, it is called

Ans:- Zero transfer of learning

Ques:- Thinking is essentially

Ans:- A cognitive activity

Ques:- In a chils-centred classroom, children generally learn

Ans:- Individually and in groups

Ques:- According to Piaget’s cognitive theory of learning the process by which the cognitive structure is modified is called

Ans:- Assimilation

Ques:- A teacher always helps her lea`rners link the knowledge they have derived in one subject area with the knowledge from other subject areas, This helps to promote

Ans:- Correlation and transfer of knowledge

Ques:- Creativity is usually associated with

Ans;- Divergent thinking

Ques;- A student works hard to clear an entrance test for admission into a medical college.The student is said to be motivated

Ans:- Intrinsically

Ques:- The doing aspect of behaviour fall in the

Ans:- Cognitive domain of learning

Ques:- Science and art exhibitions, music and dance shows and bringing out school magazines, are meant to

Ans:- Provide a creative channel for learners

Ques:- A teacher engages her learners in a number of group activities such as group discussions, dimension it highlights is

Ans:- Learning as a social activity

Ques:- When a teacher involves a visually challenged learner in group activities with the other learners of the class, she is

Ans:- Acting according to the spirit of inclusive education

Ques;- A teacher uses audio-visual aids and physical activities in her teaching because they

Ans:- Utilize maximum number of senses to enhance learning

Ques:- According to Kohlberg the thinking process involved in judgements about questions of right and wrong is called

Ans;- Moral reasoning

Ques:- A student is aggressive in his behaviour to wards his peer group and does not conform to the norms of the school.This student needs help in

Ans:- Affective domain

Ques:- Teachers are advised to involve their learners in group activities because, besides facilitating learning, they also help in

Ans:- Socialization

Ques:- Inclusive education refers to a school education system that

Ans:- Includes children regardless of physical intellectual, social, linguistic or other differently abled condition

Ques:- Which of the following is predominantly a heredity related factor ?

Ans:- Colour of the eyes

Ques:- Teachers should study the errors of their students as they often indicate the

Ans:- Remedical strategies needed

Ques:- Seema learns every lesson very quickly but Leena takes longer to learn them.It denotes the developmental principle of

Ans;- Individual differences

Ques;- Environmental factors that shape development include all of the following except

Ans:- Physique

Ques:- The major frustration that children with hearing loss face in the classroom is

Ans:- The inability to communicate or share information with others

Ques:- Dyslexia is associated mainly with difficulties in

Ans:- Reading

Ques:- Gifted students will realize their potential when

Ans:- They learn with other students

Ques:- A good textbook avoids

Ans:- Gender bias

Ques:- The stage of cognitive development, according to Piaget, in which a child displays object permanence is

Ans:- Pre-operational stage

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