2005 Exam. Paper Himachal Pradesh T.G.T.(Arts) 2005

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Download Solved Exam Paper Screening Test H.P.T.G.T.(Arts) 2005

This paper held on 29 May, 2005.In this screening test all questions are very important and interesting.

Himachal Pradesh T.G.T. (Arts) Exam. 2005

Ques:- Administration and Organisation are the components of

Ans;- Management

Ques;- Who said ‘The teacher is like a burning lamp’

Ans;- Rabindra Nath Tagore

Ques;- The classroom management concept is introduced by

Ansa;- L.K.Device

Ques;- What is the mirror of the school schedule ?

Ans:- Master Timetable

Ques;- What are the main principle of school management ?

Ans:- Equality and freedom

Ques;- The main responsibility of school management is-

Ans;- The plan and policy making

Ques:- A good teacher must observe

Ans;- Discipline, Punctuality and professional ethics

Ques:- Among Consolidated Time table, Class Time table, Adjustment Time table, and Teacher Time Table, which is not the type of time- table ?

Ans:- Adjustment Time Table

Ques:- The best way to improve discipline in the school is

Ans;- Leadership by teachers

Ques:- The literal meaning of discipline is

Ans:- Behaviour of an individual according to socially approved standards

Ques:- The 1952-53 secondary education commission in India recommended which pattern of education –

Ans:- 12+3 scheme

Ques;- The current primary education in India is based on ther philosophy of

Ans:- Rabindra Nath Tagore

Ques:- When was the Kothari commission report published ?

Ans:- 1966

Ques:- The National policy on education (1986) focussed on

Ans:- Social and cultural awareness

Ques:- Education in India is in the

Ans;- Concurrent list

Ques:- How many regional offices of National Council of Teacher’s Education are there in India ?

Ans:- Three

Ques:- The famous Wardha Scheme of mAHATMA Gandhi was first6 introduced in our country in the year

Ans:-  1937

Ques:- In which year was ‘National Council for Teacher Education’ as a statutory body came into existence ?

Ans:- 1995

Ques:- Human consciousness, according to Charvaka Philosophy, is

Ans;- Self

Ques:- Who gave the slogan ‘Each one teach one’-

Ans:- Mahatma Gandhi

Ques:- Freedom of speech cannot be used

Ans:- To incite people into violence

Ques:- What means are required for teaching citizenship value ?

Ans:- Special concepts, special Govt. & self discipline

Ques:- What is the nature of culture as a source of value ?

Ans:- Acquired, Social and idealstic

Ques:- Who raised the slogan “Back to Nature”?

Ans:- Naturalism

Ques:- What quality of a teacher have lasting impact on student ?

Ans:- His behaviour

Ques:- The basic principle of branching is

Ans:- Diagnosis, exposition & remediation

Ques;- Tryout of a programme is done for

Ans:- Improving frames, modifying frames and validating the programme

Ques:- Factors affecting learning are related to

Ans:- Learner, Teacher and content

Ques:- Motivation is a

Ans:- Psycho-physiological concept

Ques:- The concept of Id, Ego & Super Ego is given by –

Ans:- Freud

Ques:- What was the medium, of education in vedic period ?

Ans:- Sanskrit

Ques:- Who regarded Adam’s report – as myth or a legend ?

Ans:- Lokmanya Tilak

Ques:- Who suggested that the responsibility of Primary Education should be given to local bodies ?

Ans:- Indian Education commission

Ques:- For the promotion of women education, the Hunter commission suggested for

Ans:- Public co-operation, separate curriculum and women teachers

Ques:- Dr. M.E. Sadler was the Vice-Chancellor of

Ans:- Leeds university

Ques:- “Education is the most powerful factor in making men modern” This was said by

Ans:- Alex Lnkeles

Ques:- Behaviourism in psychology is the outcome of the which school of through prevalent in education ?

Ans:- Machanical naturalism

Ques:- Ramanuja’s theory of causation is known as

Ans:- Brahman Parinamavada

Ques:- Maria Montessori, in her approach to childhood, bases her method of education on

Ans:- Naturalism

Ques:- Which emotion of child is not developed during infancy period ?

Ans;- Curiosity

Ques;- Among cooperation, Team work, Remedial Measures and Supervision which is not one of the characteristics of Educational Planning ?

Ans:- Supervision

Ques:- Procedure of management of teaching- learning is

Ans:- Organising, planning & controlling

Ques;- Management approachs are related to

Ans:- Organising planning & controlling

Ques:- The social norms  & values can be retained by

Ans:- Social Demand

Ques;- The guidance and motivating are the

Ans:- Functions

Ques:- Which is the second school clock ?

Ans:- School time-table

Ques;- The idealistic philcsophy of education supports

Ans:- Moral ideas

Ques:- The documents belonging to New Policy on Education were presented before the Parliament on

Ans;- 20 August 1985

Ques:- Which is the largest dome in India ?

Ans:- Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur

Ques:- Cryogenic engines find application in

Ans:- Rocket Technology

Ques:- The national Defence Academy is located at

Ans:- Khadakvasla

Ques:- The national highway from Amritsar to Delhi is numbered

Ans:- One

Ques:- Among Diesel, Coal, Hydrogen and Kerosene which fuel causes minimum environmental pollution ?

Ans:- Hydrogen

Ques:- The word “Hindu” as reference to the people of Hind (India) was first used by

Ans:- The Greeks

Ques:- A person with ‘AB’ blood group is sometimes called a universal recipient because of the

Ans:- Lack of antibodies in his blood

Ques:- Whose signature appears on ten-rupee currency notes ?

Ans:- Governor, Reserve Bank of India

Ques:- Non- Plan expenditures of the Govt. of India include

Ans:- Defence expenditure, interest payment and all expenditure linked with the previous plan periods

Ques:- Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion etc. (Article 15 of the constitution of India) is a fundamental right classifiable under

Ans:- The Right to equality

Ques:- World Bank is the other name for

Ans:- International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Ques:- The scientist who first discovered that earth revolves round the sun was


Ques:-The 1857 mutiny first broke out on May 10 at

Ans:- Meerut

Ques:- Among fish,cow, goat and Whale which one is not a mammal ?

Ans:- Fish

Ques:- Which is the highest dam being built on the river Bhagirathi ?

Ans:- Tehri Dam

Ques:- Among Burning of coal, Conversion of water into stream, Digestion of food and burning of paper which one is not a chemical action ?

Ans:- Conversion of water into stream

Ques:- The difference between Indian standard time and Greenwich Time is

Ans:- Five and half Hours

Ques:- A judge of the Supreme                 Court of India is to hold the office until he attains the age of

Ans:- 65 Tears

Ques:- The biggest Oil Refinery in India is at

Ans:- Koyali

Ques:- The normal temperature of man/women is

Ans:- 37 degree centigrade

Ques;- Himachal Pradesh is located in the

Ans:- Western Himalayas

Ques:- Which mountain range separates Himachal Pradesh from Tibet ?

Ans:- Zanskar

Ques:- Himachal Pradesh first came into being as a centrally Administered territory on

Ans:- 15th April, 1948

Ques:- Before joining the freedom movement, Dr. Y.S.Parmar was

Ans:- District & sessions judge in Sirmour state

Ques:- Name the Bilaspur Raja who invited Gurkhas in 1804 A.D. to invade Kangra

Ans:- Mahan Chand

Ques;- Which Muslim King got Sanskrit books presented in the temple of Jawalamukhi and translated in to Persian verse ?

Ans:- Feroz Shah Tuglaq

Ques;- Who became the first Chief Secretary of H.P. in 1952 ?

Ans:- K.L.Mehta

Ques:- Which four districts formed Himachal Pradesh initially ?

Ans:- Chamba, Mandi, Mahasu & Sirmour

Ques:- Who started the Shivratri fair of Mandi (at Purani Mandi)

Ans:- Ajbar Sen

Ques:- Surya Temple (Sun Temple ) is located at

Ans;- Nirth

Ques:- Hoe many tunnels are there on Kalka- Shimla railway line opened for traffic in 1903 ?

Ans:- 109

Ques;- District Kinnaur was carved out of Mahasu district in the year

Ans:- 1960

Ques:- What is the Height of ‘Kinnerkailash’ mountains ?

Ans:- 65oo Mtrs.

Ques:- Who was the first Nazim or Governor of Kangra hills appointed by Maharaja Ranjit Singh after he defeated the Gurkhas ?

Ans;- Desa Singh Majithia

Ques:- Who built the ‘Mahima Library’ in Nahan in 1926 A.D. ?

Ans:- Maharaja Amar Prakash

Ques:- Himachal Pradesh remained Union Territory from

Ans:- 1956 – 1971

Ques:- Nathpa Jhakri Power Corporation (NJPC) HAS been re-named as

Ans:- Satluj Jai Vidyut Nigam

Ques;- Who received the first ‘Chander Dhar Sharma Guleri Award’ for Hindi Literature in 1986?

Ans:- Sri Keshav

Ques;- Who actually belonging to H.P became the Chief Justice of India ?

Ans:- Mehar Chand Mahajan

Ques:- Which district in H.P. has the maximum population density ?

Ans:- Hamirpur

Ques;- Give the word opposite in meaning to give word ‘Frugal’

Ans:- Extravagent

Ques:- Give the word opposite to the word ‘Vivacious’

Ans;- Languid

Ques:- Whenever you talk, take care that others were not hurt by your words.

Which part of this sentence is incorrect ?

Ans;- Others were not hurt

Ques;- Fill in the blanks with suitable word

President Saddam Hussain lived………………the gun all his life

Ans;- By

Ques:- The building comprises……………….sixty rooms.

Ans:- No preposition needed

Ques:- The term was well trained and strong, but somehow their……………….

Ans:- Morale

Ques:- Choose the correctly spelt word –

Accomodation, Accommodation, Acommodation, Acomodation

Ans:- Accommodation

Ques:- Choose the correctly spelt word –

Etiquette, Etiquete, Atiquette, Atiquete,

Ans:- Etiquette

Ques:- Give the correct passive voice of given sentence –

You should open the container about three hours before use.

Ans:- The container should be opened about three hours before it is used

Ques:- Give the correct passive voice of given sentence –

He is said to be very rich.

Ans:- People say he is very rich

Ques:- Give the correct transformation of given sentence –

If I could become the Indian idol ;

Ans:- I strongly desire to become the Indian Idol

Ques:- Give the correct transformation of the given sentence –

Chandigarh is the most beautiful town of India.

Ans:- No other town in India is as beautiful as Chandigarh

Ques:- Give the synonym of the word ‘Capitulate’

Ans;- Yield

Ques:- Give the synonym of the word ‘Beguile’

Ans;- Deceive

Ques:- Give the synonym of ‘trenchant’

Ans:- Intence

Ques:- Give the synonym of ‘exuberant’

Ans;- Iffusive

Ques;- Abhiskek told his mother that he had been reading since eight hours.

In this sentence, grammatical error is in

Ans:- Since eight hours.

Ques:- Vishwamitra did not succumb …………….the charms of Menaka

Ans;- To

Ques:- Change the gender of ‘Monk’.

Ans:- Nun

Ques:- Mark the option for correct spellings

Lieutenant, Liuetenant, Lieutanant, Lieutenant

Ans:- Lieutenant

Ques:- A duck

Ans;- Quacks

Ques;- The word indicating a collection of cattle is

Ans:- Herd

Ques:- Offspring of an ass is called

Ans:- Foal

Ques:- In ‘Unreal’, un is a

Ans:- Prefix

Ques;- The phrase ‘helcyon days’ means

Ans;- Happy and peaceful days

Ques:- ‘to set the Thames on fire’ means

Ans:- To do somethingremarkable

Ques:- A moot point means

Ans:- aA point open fordiscussion

Ques;- to die in harness means

Ans:- To die while in job

Ques:- to eat a humble pie means

Ans;- To accept challenge

Ques;- Give the most suitable one  word moral’

‘An animal story with some moral’

Ans:- Fable

Ques;- He is good………………English.

Ans:- At

Ques:- A place where dead bodies are buried

Ans:- Cemetery

Ques:- A person who cannot be corrected is

Ans:- Incorrigible

Ques:- A style full of word is

Ans;- Verbose

Ques;- A sanguine outlook is associated with the………………..

Ans:- Optimist

Ques:- We shall not be able to use your alibi in court unless we find someone to……………your statements.

Ans;- Coroborate

Ques:- …………..a failure of some traffic lights, traffic is moving very slowly

Ans:- due to

Ques:- There was………..knock on…………..door and I opened it.

Ans:- A, the

Ques:- True brevity……………. In saying only what needs to be said.

Ans;- Consists

Ques:- The main purpose of education during Vedic period was

Ans:- Spiritual development

Ques:- How many students were there in Nalanda University ?

Ans;- 10000

Ques:- Macaulay came to India as

Ans:- Law Member

Ques:- According to Wood’s Despatch, the medium of instruction should be

Ans:- English & Vernacular

Ques;- Who was the founder of Jamia Milia Islamia ?

Ans;- Maulana Mohmed Ali

Ques:- The chairman of India Education commission (1882) was

Ans;- Sir William Hunter

Ques:- Which commission recommended the constitution of Board of Secondary Education’ in each province ?

Ans:- Indian University Commission

Ques:- Which commission suggested to form Executive Council for the internal administration of University ?

Ans:- Sadler Commission

Ques:- The chairman of the Calcutta University Commission was

Ans:- Sir Michael Sadler

Ques:- The term of reference of Mudaliar Commission was

Ans:- Secondary Education

Ques:- Mechanism in school for protection of Human Rights includes

Ans:- International Education, observance of human rights & human rights awareness

Ques:- When was the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for human Rights (UNHCHR) Created ?

Ans;- 1997

Ques:- Which article of the constitution envisages free & compulsory education for children upto the age of 14 years ?

Ans:- Article 45

Ques;- Where in India is the ‘Centre for Environmental Education’ article of the constitution ?

Ans:- Article 29

Ques:- What actually determiners personality ?

Ans;- Heredity & Environment

Ques;- What value has been most preached by Jesus Christ ?

Ans;- Love

Ques;- Thordinke learning theory is called

Ans:- Trial & Error

Ques:- Hierarchy of Human needs theory is developed by

Ans;- Maslow

Ques:- The exponent of the concept of I.Q. is

Ans:- Binet

Ques:- Values are developed through

Ans:- Lmitation

Ques:- Main tests of personality are known as

Ans:- Projective test & non Projective test

Ques:- Guidance is supporting device of

Ans;- Teaching

Ques:- The feeling of happiness is the result of

Ans:- Emotions

Ques:- Thirston scale is used for measuring

Ans:- Aptitude

Ques:- The main characterstics of gifted children are

Ans:- High comprehension, original thinking & rich vocabulary

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